Ticket Premium

Ticket Premium is a prepaid scratch card or a voucher with a code. This payment method is very secure. All the details about your credit card or bank account are kept confidential.

TICKET PREMIUM cards can be purchased by cash (25€, 50€ and 100€) in 20,000 locations, or online with a credit card.

For more information go to: http://www.ticket-surf.com/how-does-it-work-5/

Postup krok za krokem

  1. Select Ticket Premium deposit option on the EuroKing Casino Deposit Page
  2. Uveďte částku, kterou si přejete vložit na váš EuroKing Casino účet
  3. You will be redirected to the Ticket Premium page where you should enter the PIN number
  4. EuroKing Casino obdrží potvrzení o platbě
  5. Obdržíte potvrzení od EuroKing Casino, že vaše platba proběhla úspěšně